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S3TC / DTXn patents

I just wrote a DTXn loader in my OpenGL engine to support .dds files (i.e. via glCompressedTexImage2D) and generally employ texture compression in GPU. I've also ...
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Is game localization by external files protected by a patent? This patent explains loading game languages from external files. I'm pretty sure that has already been implemented in many games. I'm not sure if they violate ...
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Copyright and patents on game design and names?

We all know that each game has elements from another game but when does one cross the line of copyright? I have a view particular questions about this since this "line" is very vague. While looking ...
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Is the "Match-3" mechanic unpatented?

Can I use a match-3 mechanic in my commercial game without being sued by some company holding the patent? I will add some extra features to the mechanic.
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Can I include PCM audio data in a commercial application?

For certain reasons, I need raw audio data in my application. I would convert certain sounds to a PCM format (at development time), and store & load these PCM files in my game. PCM stands for ...
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How do people get around the Carmack's Reverse patent?

Apparently, Creative has a patent on Carmack's Reverse, and they successfully forced Id to modify their techniques for the source drop, as well as to include EAX in Doom 3. But Carmack's Reverse is ...
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