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Questions tagged [palette-swapping]

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2 answers

Combining palette-swaps and smooth scaling in a pixel-art shader

I am creating a pixel-art game in MonoGame, and have written a shader to perform various effects on a sprite when rendering it, such as performing palette swaps, highlighting outlines, etc.. Most of ...
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How to create a shader for this hue change effect?

In this cut scene from Shovel Knight, the individual pixel art tableaux don't merely fade in and out. Rather, they fade in and out as well as undergo various hue changes. Here's an example: The ...
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Why does my palette swapping code in D3D9 not have any effect?

I want to do palette swapping in my game, in a fast way and without shaders, so I couldn't replace pixels in a texture, then I tried to use the SetPaletteEntries and SetCurrentTexturePalette method, ...
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