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Handling acks during 1+ second packet loss with Glenn Fiedler's Reliable UDP Solution

I've read through Glenn Fiedler's awesome guide on Reliability over UDP and I'm currently working on my own implementation for fun and learning purposes. One pretty cool piece of Glenn's guide is that ...
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Casting every received packet as struct?

What is the best performant solution to handle received data from socket, in a MMORPG game? Is it good to have something like: ...
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When doing network programming, is it always a good idea to optimize packet size as much as possible?

My question is relatively straightforward, but I haven't been able to find a concrete answer yet. I'm programming a real-time networked multiplayer game, and I'm finding many examples of places where ...
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How does a client thats connecting get all the already connected clients

So I'm currently developing my own protocol on top of the already existing protocol, TCP. This is what I'm thinking.. When the client connects, it's going to send a packet to the server with the ...
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