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Overlap2D is an open source editor for game UI, levels, and other content.

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Shortest distance between edges of a circle and a rectangle?

I have different kinds ob objects. An object can either be a rectangle or a circle. I want to calculate the shortest distance between the edges of each two objects. For two circles it's just the ...
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How can I position a large amount of boxes to prevent overlap efficiently

I've been working on an asset to position labels like they do in Diablo or Path of Exile, but I'm having trouble finding an algorithm to position the labels efficiently. Currently I just boxcast in ...
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Check if rectangle sides overlap each other in 2d

I am drawing a rectangle. On touching the corners, I am able to resize this rectangle. Now, the issue is during resizing, opposite sides overlap and cross each other. I have to stop this overlapping ...
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How PhysicsBodyLoader.SCALE of overlap2d runtime works?

What is the purpose of that method is and when I have to use it? Really I have no idea. I also found the source code but that didn't help me much.
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2D Bounding box for collision detection - alternate shapes

I have objects in my game such as clouds and stars. I have given the bounds for them in rectangle format. The images are not rectangular, although the collision boxes are. How can I implement a ...
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