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Move a non-convex polygon's outline inwards?

The polygons are small 3D parts of a quasi sphere centered in the origin and a solution that works in the plane can easily be made to work in this world. I tried to move the outline inwards by using ...
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How to outline animated mesh in Godot?

this little freak, is roughly 1.3 meters tall so around 4.2 feet. In first person he is decently easy to spot but in third person he blends too easily with ground so even if he is only 4-5 meters ...
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How to add inverted hull outline to desired objects in HLSL?

I am currently trying to edit a Vertex Shader of a game and want to add inverted hull outlines to the desired objects, but there are a lot of tutorials on the inverted hull for Unity, Blender, and ...
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Is it possible to prevent the collider 2D outline from hiding in Unity?

Is it possible to prevent the collider 2D outline from hiding in Unity? I am creating some animations in Unity. To create animations I select different parts of a hero and move them frame by frame. ...
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TMPro Double Outline

Hi, This is what I am trying to achieve: TextMeshPro with double outline. So far I have tried these combinations: TextMeshPro + Outline[int the mid] + Underlay [external]. It is close, but not the ...
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How can I make the overlapping object's outlines merge and not display on top of other objects that have the outline shader?

This is what I am trying to achieve. I was following but the outlines show on top of other if the objects overlap. I tried looking through various outline ...
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Unity: Adding a border to a button

I want to give a border to all the buttons of settings that are enabled in my options menu. Let's say that the demo mode is enabled, then the according "on" button should have an e.g. red border, ...
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How can I make a Soft Outline Shader?

Most Outline Shaders or Tutorials found online, are Shaders which are sharp edge-outlines. Like here: Even though a lot of games are already using soft outlines like here: with a nice gradienty- ...
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Solid outline around block

I'm creating a minecraft clone (for practice), and I'm trying to implement a feature in which the block that the player is looking at has a block outline. The way I do this is just by creating a ...
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Outline shader in SFML/GLSL does not work

I have a problem with SFML. This code does not work: ...
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What is the best way to draw outline of object using OpenGL

I want to select the best way to draw outline of 3d human like object and what would be the best way to draw outline for this kind of objects. I found about stencil buffer based methods, geometric ...
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LibGDX Image Outline Help

As I was working on some art for my project, I decided that I should add an outline around some objects. So I tried my method; which was to create a second image slightly larger than the first, make ...
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XNA Advanced font rendering (outline, shadows, etc) [closed]

I am looking for a tool that will output spritefonts for XNA consumption that have an outline effect. I know that this can be done by rendering the text multiple times, but I'd like to take care of it ...
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How to hide a post-processed mesh outline when/where the mesh is hidden

I'm working on setting up an active outline in my 3d engine, a highlight effect for selected 3d characters or scenery in the screen. After working with the stencil buffer and getting some ...
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How to draw the contour of a hexagon area, like in Civ 5

I am trying to achieve the hexagon contour look you find in Civilization V: I want to outline the area a unit can move to on a hexagon grid, so far I can get a list of all the tiles a unit can move ...
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Quick sprite contouring solutions?

I want to be able to quickly outline sprites(mainly with black, but other colours too) without doing it manually, as pictured. What would be a good program/solution to do so? Edit: I don't want it to ...
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How would one outline an alpha transparency layer in javscript and/or php? [duplicate]

I simply want an outline/edge detection of the character/item/object that is selected or doing something. I'm seeing lots of versions of this question for different languages, but I would appreciate ...
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Outlining external edges on a complex shape made of cubes?

A gallery of my problem can be found here. I had to do it this way as it won't let me post more than 2 links due to my reputation. I'm trying to use 3D cubes to generate an isometric cube world. I ...
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OpenGL get the outline of multiple overlapping objects

I just had an idea for my on-going-game made with opengl in c++: I'd like to have a big outline (5-6 pixel) on multiple overlapping object when the player win something. I thought the best way is to ...
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