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In Unity, how to make World Space XR UI Canvas Scale with the Child Input Field TMP?

I have an XR UI canvas that is set to World Space. It has a child object which is an Input Field. If the text input overflows the Input field, I have made it to expand vertically downwards using a '...
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2 answers

Unity VR using OpenXR, how to spawn object when you grab a static object

I am trying to create a simple VR card game in Unity using OpenXR, just to learn Unity and also some VR stuff. I made a deck of cards object and a card object. I put both in a scene. The card is ...
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Is there a way to set SteamVR OpenXR to strict mode

Background I'm having an issue where steamVR with an Oculus Quest 2 is being lenient with my use of OpenXR. For example This is wrong (but works on steamVR) ...
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