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Questions about games which require constant online presence of a player.

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Unreal Engine 4 How to read saved player data?

I seem to have writing working fine now. But I am running into odd problems reading the data back. I want to iterate over the files so I tried this but I got an error in the log stating something ...
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How do I advertise a game about writing role play?

I head & develop a very niche game called "Verdict", which you can read about here. Basically, Verdict is a writing game. It has the mechanical elements of an RPG and the multiplayer ...
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UE4 Blueprint Multiplayer Spawning Issue

I'm attempting to copy/modify the MultiplayerShootout project's multiplayer functionality for my own project. I'm running into issues when Player 2 joins a running session though. Finding it very hard ...
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How to load new scenes or models from network in unity or unreal engine?

I have a project to be done. I had done some research to accomplish some features. Event so, I couldn't find some answers. The project needs to have some features as follow; Charachter creation in ...
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How to perform game object smoothing in multiplayer games

We're developing an infrastructure to support multiplayer games for our game engine. In simple terms, each client (player) engine sends some pieces of data regarding the relevant game objects at a ...
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Input and packets handling when using render interpolation

I'm implementing valve's networking model for my simple top down game but I have some design problems and I just can't think of good solutions. The one of the main ideas that there is a render time ...
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How to choose what type of server to use when creating an online multiplayer game?

I want to develop an online multiplayer game using the Scala language. I am quite new to programming; I have developed some simple multiplayer games (think snake, pong), but they cannot be played ...
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Entity initialization in an online game

How do online games handle creation of new entities? I currently have an EntityFactory class that requires an ID (specifying the entity type). A bunch of subroutines are executed to determine exactly ...
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game button animation lag with Photon

Friends, I am making games using photon. But I could not do the delay animation as described in this link. The action appears to be late on the player according to the ping. Can you give an ideas ...
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Is my game at risk of fines due to CVAA if I don't support text-to-speech in chat?

Looking at a similar game like Among Us: as far as I know, it only has in text chat as a norm of communication. Shouldn't the game be obligated to have more options for disabilities like text to ...
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Securing HTTP requests to online game server

I'm pretty new at making online games. Right now I'm trying to make an iPhone game. Each player has a profile in my server. I want to avoid username/password for authentication. Currently, as it ...
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Host game client online

so the question is simple (i hope). Say i have a game client, where i can run around on some tiles. now if i want my friend to be able to log in and play the game aswell, what exactly is needed for ...
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