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Questions about games which require constant online presence of a player.

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Game logic on the server! Good or bad?

I'm currently planning a simple online multiplayer game. And here is the question. Does it make sense to make the whole game logic on the server and just send the input from the client to the server? ...
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What revenue models exist for online games? [closed]

What revenue models exist for online games?
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Implementing the "earn resource every N seconds" mechanism common to F2P games

In many free-to-play games, play will be rate limited in some manner by a resource that you naturally earn on a timed interval, but can opt to increase artificially through buy-ins. A current example ...
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How to detect and prevent abuse (botting) of online game API?

I have been ocassionally working on a game idea in my free time. The gameplay and content renders it to be implemented as a online multiplayer game built with well established web technologies. You ...
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Why does editing the client's memory in some MMOs allow them to cheat?

Why editing the memory of the game client works? Why so many "Hack protection" tools coming with the clients? If I were to design a client-server game, everything would happen at the server (the ...
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Online leaderboard systems for (small/indie) PC games? [closed]

Are there any free/affordable systems/libraries out there for adding online features to a small PC game? (most likely, for a small primarily-Windows-based indie game) I'm not concerned about ...
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Limitations of p2p multiplayer games vs client-server [closed]

I am reading up on multiplayer game architecture. So far most of the articles i've found deal with the client-server model. I'd like to know what are the limitations for using a p2p architecture? ...
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Where to start the coding of online leaderboards?

I NEVER, EVER did ANY sort of network code in C++, I don't know even the libraries that exist, but a popular demand for my game is online leaderboards... So, what sort of libraries I should research ...
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Network jitter, client input to server

I am working on a authoritative client/server game, looking to both Valve and Gaffer to understand the concept. Currently, the server simulates at 20 ticks a second. The inputs received from the ...
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Can Cloud Functions be used for a multiplayer game server?

I'm building a turn-based online multiplayer game with Unity for both desktop and mobile. Traditionally, I would build a Java socket server, host it in Google Compute Engine or similar, and have ...
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How do we adapt our game to work over a network?

A friend of mine has made a Java version of a popular board game in Java, and has it working for multiplayer on one PC with different turns for each player. He's mentioned he wants it to eventually ...
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