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Is there a simple way to find where our code is keeping references to disposed/pooled objects?

In our c# game we use object pools to store sprites once the Dispose() method gets called.Then when the Sprite.Create method gets called if a sprite is in the pool it gets depooled, cleared and ...
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Photon Fusion Object pooling

I would like to ask if anyone has some experience in object pooling through Fusion. To sum up things im migrating from Pun2 to Fusion and need to update my object pool. My issue apart from my lack of ...
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Unity ObjectPool<T> CountActive is not decreasing after a destroy is called

I have made a loop to spawn and despawn a basic sphere gameobject. The issue is that when spawning goes over the max size, it does not decrease the ActiveCount when ...
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How to compare a GameObject's component settings to those of the original Prefab

I have a Prefab with a number of Components, such as: Rect Transform Text Mesh Pro Sprite Renderer Box Collider 2D I think Instantiate a GameObject using the Prefab, and configure it. As the ...
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Score counter not increasing after recalling object from a pool with raycast detection hit

Context Hello, its me again. I have been playing around with "Object Pool" and it is fascinating the amount of CPU performance can save up. However, I have encountered a new "feature&...
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How to pool bullets for a double barreled gun with alternating fire?

I have created the gun with two barrels, which fire in alternation. I have implemented pooling for one barrel, But I need to pool bullets in both barrels when firing in alternation. This is my Bullet....
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How can I cache and read fields on non instantiated prefabs?

Let's say I have a very simple 2D square prefab that has a script like this attached to it: ...
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Recycling bullets versus spawning them on demand

Until now, I know 2 bullets' algorithms/configurations : (I mean 2 ways of logically creating a bullet class) Make a bullet class and create only one instance from it that represents the bullet. The ...
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Unity Performance: Recycling Pooled Objects OR Re-Instantiating?

Re-using pre-instantiated objects in a pool. Destroying then re-instantiating objects in a pool. Both pools are limited. When creating loads of objects which is better for performance?
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Object pooling of different tpyes of agents (Mobile Game) in Unity

The mobile game I am developing consists of one to four players and different agents that are being spawned and act in their own way. All those Agents (Car, Animal and Powerup) derive from the same ...
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Object pooling with collisions in Unity

I am trying to create doodle jump like game with object pool for platforms. I have created an empty object with box 2D collider attached to it. This object moves with player and should be gathering ...
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How/whether to pool bullets for a shmup in Unity?

I'm working on my first Unity project, which (maybe naively) I decided to make a shmup. I've been doing a lot of reading about Unity, and about object pools, and about using components to control ...
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Why do my obstacles float above the ground? Unity2D

I'm making an infinite runner game and I'm trying to spawn obstacles, but all of them float far above the ground instead of being at the ground level. This is the code on summoning the bears. ...
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How to get obstacles to spawn randomly in x position in an infinite runner? 2D

I'm trying to make two obstacles that are different sized to come in a random order in one straight line where the player is going. Doesn't have to be with object pooling. It seems that the ...
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When shouldn't I use object pooling?

Are there any cases where I should not use object pools but instead rely on Instantiate and Destroy? (Or more generally, outside ...
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How to spawn Chunks in Libgdx?

I'm currently working on a 2D platforming game with an infinite map. I did my research and I discovered that I can use chunks. Based on my understanding chunks is about spawning terrain at the right ...
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How do I architect around Object Pools?

Example I have an "Enemy" class, and 5 types of enemy subclasses. These enemies will be spawn often, so I want to use an ...
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What is a Pool? [duplicate]

According to When and why is a Pool class needed to hold objects?, pools are used when the number of "instances" of an object fluctuates. However, StarWarrior (the Artemis example) uses a pool for the ...
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ParticleEffectPool.obtain() not resetting particles

I want to use ParticleEffectPools in libGDX but I'm running into an odd issue where the effects don't seem to be reset when obtained by the pool. The code below looks for an existing ...
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Object generation from an existing object in a game engine

To simplify, let's say in en engine I'm coding for a game, I have the Main class an Object class. In the Main class' update method, I loop through the array of all Objects in the game. I also have a ...
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When and why is a Pool class needed to hold objects?

I've been studying opengl es and an example I saw was using a "Pool" class to keep track of touch and keyboard events. Could someone please explain how and why a pool class is needed. From what I was ...
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Java game object pool management

Currently I am using arrays to handle all of my game objects in the game I am making, and I know how terrible this is for performance. My question is what is the best way to handle game objects and ...
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Game Messaging System Design

I'm making a simple game, and have decided to try to implement a messaging system. The system basically looks like this: Entity generates message -> message is posted to global message queue -> ...
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