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Problems with normal recovery from storage as two floats and normal from depth buffer

In my app I’m producing for my deferred shading 4 layers of data to show up occluded parts of the scene during screen space reflection (SSR) pass. I need normal maps with bumpiness of these layers for ...
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Issue with tangents/bitangents generation for normal maps

I'm generating tangents and bitangents for a normal mapping effect and while using the same method as several tutorials, I get tangents that are not very continuous. Here, we can see on the sphere ...
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Pixelated Normal Generation

I am generating normals for each vertex in a standard 512*512 quad. Yet when I do using the following code: ...
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Any reliable polygon normal calculation code?

Do you have any reliable 3d polygonal face normal calculation code? Any language will do, I'll port it to make it work. Even if you find some code in a 3d game engine and post it here I'll be more ...
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How do I generate surface normals?

I have quite a few debug drawing methods in my engine that can generate geometry useful for debugging, like spheres and cubes. At the moment I do not generate any normals for these shapes. Is there ...
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