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Non-Euclidean geometry refers to "impossible" shapes or spaces that cannot be physically built in the (approximately) flat Euclidean 3D space that we occupy in the real world. "TARDIS-ed" buildings whose interiors are larger than their exterior could contain, portals that open onto distant places, or corridors that loop back on themselves without turning 360 degrees are all common examples in games.

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Dynamically generating and modifying non-Euclidean/Tardis houses while maintaining AI navigability

General Description I want to build a tech demo about a game concept I am carrying around for quite some time now. A lot of influences from different sources shaped this, and I will try to hint on its ...
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2 answers

Impossible rooms in 3D games

recently I was playing The Stanley Parable, and noticed that there are several impossible spaces in the game - in this example, a pair of pillars in the middle of the room, which from each side appear ...
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17 votes
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Creating a seamlessly looping 2D multiplayer level?

A discussion came up recently about how to create a 2D side-scrolling multiplayer game that can have an looping level design (Think of Starbound and how their worlds are looping). I thought the ...
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How can I teleport seamlessly, without using interpolation?

I've been implementing Bukkit plugin for creating toggleable in-game warping areas that will teleport any catched entity to other similar area. I was going to implement concept of non-Euclidean maze ...
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