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Drawing multiple simulation ticks in a single render frame

I have a 2D fixed-timestep simulation (a bunch of moving sprites) that ticks several times per render frame. I would like to render the state of each tick, so that all the ticks between render frames ...
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Update DXGI swapchain sample count without recreating swapchain in full-screen mode

I'm implementing the ability to tweak graphics settings in my application at runtime (resolution, refresh rate, v-sync, multisampling). It is possible to update the resolution, format and refresh rate ...
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Why does Unity heavily blur edges of a single cube despite 8x antialisaing

I was messing around a random project and everything was working perfectly, when all of a sudden jagged edges appeared on all objects. I've been trying to resolve this issue for the past two dails, ...
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Is there a maximum value of sample for Anti Aliasing in Unity?

In Quality settings, there is Antialiasing option with 2~8x sample range. I can change the sample by script like this: QualitySettings.antiAliasing = myAAValue; ...
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DX11 swap chain is 1 frame behind when presenting to screen and using multisampling

After adding multisampling to a DirectX 11 project, I noticed that the screen was no longer updating when calling IDXGISwapChain ::Present. Further testing showed ...
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Mix multisample and non multisample rendering in Directx11

is there a way to mix multisample and non multisample rendering in Directx11? It seems that when I create a multisampled render target I always get a multisampled rendering, regardless of the value of ...
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Taking fixed direction on hemisphere and project to normal (openGL)

I am trying to perform sampling using hemisphere around a surface normal. I want to experiment with fixed directions (and maybe jitter slightly between frames). So I have those directions: ...
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Multisampling Gamma Correction Problem

I have multisampled rendertarget where I use red channel as stencil data, but the problem is I get incorrect results around borders if "Antialiasing - Gamma Correction" is set to on in Nvidia Control ...
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How can I check the multisample quality level count?

I can check it with ID3D11Device::CheckMultisampleQualityLevels(). So to use it I need to create the device: ...
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