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Movement prediction is the estimation of where an object will be in the future based on current and/or past information about that object's position.

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How can I maneuver an AI pirate ship for a sea battle?

I'm trying to picture in my head what would be required to make an AI controlled enemy do the following in a top down pirate sailing game: Approach the player ship Bring player in line with port / ...
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How does client-side prediction work?

I've read Valve + Gafferon and hundreds of pages from Google, but for whatever reason I can't get my head around client prediction. To my understanding, the basic problem is: Client A sends input at ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Extrapolation breaks collision detection

Before applying extrapolation to my sprite's movement, my collision worked perfectly. However, after applying extrapolation to my sprite's movement (to smooth things out), the collision no longer ...
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most compact way to represent dice face translations rolling in cardinal directions

I'm making a 2-D dice rolling game in BASIC (think mechanics similar to Devil Dice on the Playstation, but top-down 2D graphics). I'm trying to accurately represent the transitions of a die when ...
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Packet Loss Affecting Client-Side Prediction

I have been reading about client-side prediction lately and I have been thinking of ways to implement it into my multiplayer game. I think I have a pretty good understanding of client-side prediction ...
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Aim at moving target (or predicting target's position at time it takes for projectile to hit it) [duplicate]

I have a game where I know the location and velocity of my target. I know my own location and the speed of my projectile. I want to determine either the location of the intersection between my ...
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