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How to administer Bartle taxonomy of players survey

I made a game where I want to check how players act depending on the type of used minimap (minimal vs. path to next task is drawn etc). I came across the Bartle taxonomy of player types for this ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do you encourage players to do hard things?

I'm working on an app that teaches real-life skills by pitting players against each other to compete in skill improvement tasks. The problem is, players have a number of different tasks they're ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Preventing boredom creep with hobby projects [duplicate]

This question is directed more towards the hobbyist developer rather than professional game developers. Quite frequently while developing a game I'll get bored staring at the same exact game scene ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Tangible benefits to speed-coding your personal game projects

I noticed a few programmers setting time-sensitive challenges for themselves, usually in the area of "write game of type X in Y amount of time" or "write X number of games giving only Y time for each"....
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What can I do to make sure that I have the energy to work on my game while working full-time? [closed]

I work as a software engineer 40+ hours a week and I find that between balancing my personal life and family responsibilities that I have literally no energy to work on game development. What can I ...
27 votes
3 answers

Should I have a public development blog? [closed]

Should I keep a public development blog for a game I'm creating? What are the benefits and issues of this activity?
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21 votes
9 answers

How to get a game done? [closed]

My problem is, whenever I start programming a clone of a game (for practice) or my own game or some other problem I stop somewhere in the middle of the development, because I lost interest in it. How ...
13 votes
5 answers

What was the game project that felt like "YOUR" game? [closed]

This question might seem a bit vague but it is hard to formulate properly. I will try as best as I can. So here goes... For many years I have been trying to create games but I haven't managed to ...
5 votes
4 answers

how to breakdown my game project?

I am a newbie so when ever i start over i get stuck how to organize things (code) or what should be the order of my work. Can you share your experience of project granularity so i can make my mind ...
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13 votes
9 answers

What's in a name?

How does the name of a game relate to how popular it becomes? Have there been studies around this subject? Are people influenced by the name of a game?
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How can I effectively manage a hobby game project?

How can I successfully finish a hobby game project in my free time? How do I motivate myself to keep it up and drive right through to the finish without losing interest or motivation along the way?