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Detecting input not by the pressing of buttons, triggers, or sticks, but directly from the movements of the player and/or their input device(s) through space.

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Ignoring global rotation in gyroscope controller

I'd really appreciate some advice from you guys. I am trying to process a gyroscope input and map it to my game, i.e. player tilts their device and the character on screen moves left and right. ...
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Why do my VR avatar's hands clip through my chair object?

I have spent hours on this task and I feel it's high time I asked. My avatar hands go into my chair GameObject. I added a box collider to the hands of my avatar and unchecked "Is Trigger". I ...
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All kinds of 2key controls

I want to find all possible ways to control a game using 2 keys on input. 1. Summarize the problem I find a brand new game engine that has only two inputs but great potential! And the community of ...
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Godot 3.X Implementing a smooth movement for pitch, yaw & roll

I'm implementing pitch, yaw and roll on airplane object, but when rotating the object (either pitch, roll or yaw), it starts rotating slowly but then the rotating movement goes awfully fast very ...
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Exchanging data between custom-built hardware and games

I have a built my own steering wheel and motion platform that I would like to connect to popular car racing games (e.g. iRacing, Dirt Rally). I need to read data such as the car's acceleration (to ...
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Unity 2d Animation from spritesheet: How can I move the character according to the animation?

I am trying to implement an attack animation that should end up in moving the player by some distance. The animation would be something like this: As you can see the position of the player should ...
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Using DualShock 4 motion sensor in Unreal engine (windows)

Anyone know how to access the gyro/accelerometer values from a DualShock 4 controller in the Unreal engine (under windows)? Are there any plugins that do this? Does raw input work?
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I keep getting a type/namespace error when I try to define my two motion controllers. What am I doing wrong?

I'm trying to get motion controls working (particularly making it act like a joystick) but I keep getting this error "The type or namespace name 'SteamVR_Controller' could not be found (are you ...
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Accessing DualShock 4 motion sensor in Windows [duplicate]

I am attempting to access the accelerometer and gyroscope functionality of the dualshock 4 controller for implementation into Unity. DMGregory seems to have found a solution to this problem, my ...
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Problem finding correct value for Yaw

I use an Arduino and a 9dof sensor ( gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer ) and i'm trying to use the pitch, roll and yaw that the sensor gives me to rotate an object in unity. I managed to ...
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What are some different types of device motion gestures? [closed]

Complex touch events are well-defined and can even be categorised as seen in this Wikipedia article We have great names for various touch gestures like: Double-tap Pinch / Zoom Long Press etc. When ...
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Accessing DualShock 4 motion sensor in Windows (ideally Unity)

I'm trying to use a DualShock 4's IMU as a motion controller in Unity, under Windows 7. So far I've tried: DS4Windows (1.5.11): reads motion sensor data, but does not expose them to Unity as axes ...
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How do I translate accelerometer readings into object movement?

I am using the DeviceMotionEvent web API, which gives me a device's acceleration split up into x-, y- and z-dimensions and a time interval. Here's my attempt at ...
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Controlling a fighter jet's altitude using device accelerometer

When I hit an object, my Fighter is supposed to fall to the Ground but because of the Accelerometer, I can still move it up and down even though it died. The Scroller on the x-Axis though stops. ...
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Algorithm for sensing mouse movements like a wiimote

I want to make a driving game where you can do tricks with your mouse when you hold down LMB. Ex. if you move it up in a straight line really fast (your cursor goes from the bottom to the top of the ...
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What is the point of "delta" in this code? Does it reflect a standard thing in game dev?

I know very little about game programming but would like to learn more. I am trying to understand the code for this game. I am trying to understand why the code is passing a "delta" to Shipcontrols.js,...
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How to remove jitter from motion input?

I am writing a Minecraft mod that supports input from the Razer Hydra. It is a pair of motion controllers (one for each hand) that provide incredibly accurate position and rotation information. For ...
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Comparing a saved movement with other movement with Kinect

I need to develop an application where a user (physiotherapist) will perform a movement in front of the Kinect, I'll write the data for the movement in the database and then the patient will try to ...
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How does the Wii controller work?

I've never played the Wii or Kinect, but to my understanding, the Wii captures user movement with 4 cameras and translates them to controls. How does this work? Has Nintendo published anything on ...
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What games benefit strongly from using motion controls? [closed]

A lot of games use motion controls, be it Wii, Kinect or otherwise, but for most of them, this control scheme seems forced. What are the games that benefited the most from using motion controls (as in,...
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Are there any implemented game controls like a screen (thumb) joystick? - iOS

I'm looking for some open source game controls. Especially I'm looking for a thumb screen joystick to move a character on the screen, something like a touch circle. Are there any open source ...
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Time based movement Vs Frame rate based movement?

I'm new to Game programmming and SDL, and I have been following Lazyfoo's SDL tutorials. My question is related to time based motion and frame rate based motion, basically which is better or ...
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Can you access Kinect motion sensing from XNA?

As of 2010 with the release of XNA 4.0, if I buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect will I be able to access its motion sensing data with the XNA game I'm developing? Or is this only restricted to C++ developers ...
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Gesture Recognition Strategies

Working with the Wii I often find it necessary to recognize simple gestures, so far I've been able to mainly look at magnitude of acceleration in order to recognize the gestures called out for in our ...
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