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Difficulty With Atlas API On Unity

I can't figure out how to post/get to the API in Unity. I was using the Mongo Driver before, but that seems to not work on UWP (I guess?) So I'm trying to get the Atlas API set up, but I can't figure ...
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1 answer

Game communicates with MongoDB in the Editor but not in WebGL build

I was trying to implement MongoDB in my Unity WebGL game and everything is working fine in the editor: I managed to insert and retrieve documents from my Mongo database with no issues. Everything ...
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Turning a simple HTML5/JS single-player game into a multi-player one

CONTEXT: I am currently developing the front-end/ client of a simple browser game using HTML5 Canvas/JavaScript. In the future, I would like to add a multi-player dimension to it, most likely using ...
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How to Structure my Database for a HTML turn-based strategy game?

I'm making simple HTML socket game that I want to record over time. It's a "risk" type game where individual tiles can be conquered, and the team with the most tiles is winning. As of right now, I'...
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