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Questions tagged [midi]

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Best practice to store level data in a rhythm based game

Setup: I'm planing to do a rhythm based game, where a level is a music score similar to Frets on Fire, but with real music. I've two options to store that level data, namely a MIDI file and a ...
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0 answers

Common structure for MIDI systems? [closed]

I'm thinking of writing a MIDI system for my game that would take in an instrument and a note, then play a sound. Considering so many rhythm games have already been made, I am curious as to how ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Software/Hardware options for game music

I have some friends who want to make the music for a game I'm developing. We have no idea where to start. I've seen software like Reason (way too expensive at $450). I've also seen stuff like ...
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MIDI or other Software Instruments?

Nowadays, most music seems to be prerecorded, but that means they are rather static and take up a lot of space. I wonder if MIDI is still a viable option (especially considering consoles or iOS) and ...
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