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Questions tagged [microtransactions]

A business model where users can purchase virtual goods via micro-payments (small sums of money).

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Several questions about Unity license and revenue from games

So, what I know is if I'm using Unity Personal Edition and start earning more than $100,000 I need to upgrade to Plus or Pro, but I have some questions: If revenue from the game reached more than $...
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Should I be concerned that my microtransaction based game will often be hacked?

I used to play Diablo II, both online and offline. The game was so easily “hackable” offline that one could download a program called Hero Editor and, using a nice, comfortable interface, change their ...
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What are good alternatives to microtransactions? [closed]

Recently, this question popped up on here, and it made me wonder if there was a better way to earn money from one's game without using microtransactions. So, What are good alternatives to ...
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Why are microtransactions more or less universally hated? [closed]

In many games nowadays we see micro-transactions in the form of in-game purchases. The benefits of these purchases can be anything from disabling ads, cosmetic unlocks, or in-game currency. Here's an ...
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When should you label something as a micro transaction, DLC or expansion?

Is it based on monetary cost, filesize, perceived value or something else entirety?
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Unity3D free in game purchase solution [closed]

Am making an android game with unity and i want to add an in-game purchase feature, i looked around and all the suggestion lead to non-free plugins (mainly prime31 plugin) but in the current moment i ...
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In-App Billing Library for Android Game

I'm trying to add in-app purchases into my Android game and it having some trouble figuring my around the Google Play Billing. Can anyone refer me to a good open source reference for how to do that?
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How to accept microtransactions with a desktop application?

I want to implement microtransactions into a desktop application I'm working on, but the microtransaction services I know of are all targeted primarilly towards Flash or smartphones. Are there any ...
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What income models are available for Xbox games?

There are number of income models available for different games on various platforms - income from ads, paid games, paid DLCs, microtransactions and so forth. What sources of income are available for ...
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Web-based micro-transaction API

I am currently making a browser-based game and I would like to integrate micro-transactions. However I would prefer not to have to implement my own storefront. Does anyone know of an available ...
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How can you meaningfully market test microtransactions?

For a number of reasons I have chosen to use Microtransactions to monetize my current project. However, like all make or break features I am concerned about how they are received in-game. ...
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Best practices for implementing collectible virtual item "packs"?

I'm in the process of building a game in which virtual items can be obtained either by in-game play (defeating enemies, gaining levels), or by purchasing "packs" via microtransactions. Looking at an ...
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