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A definition of physical and/or visual characteristics of a surface, often for use with rendering software or a game engine.

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Tiling of a material, independent of its size

I am using Textures and Materials to tile my sprites, for instance when building a wall in my game. The problem with this is that everytime I resize the plane or size of my game object, I have to ...
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Unwanted highlight on far side of objects near the edges of the screen when using orthographic camera

I was creating a simple unity game with a sphere as a ball. The problem is that the ball face towards the camera origin renders material correctly but the one away from camera does not. The ball has ...
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Change color, or material of specific line segments on Line Renderer

We're making a game that plays with a LineRenderer, and we want to give it a different visual feedback relative to the side of the screen that it's on. We want to change the feedback of the specific ...
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Why do I get a blank material in Unreal Engine 4?

When I'm adding a material to a box in UE4, the material loses its textures. I want to add this material To this After I'm trying to drag & drop the material into the scene above (like in UDK) ...
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Unity: How do I only show parts of objects that overlap [2D]

I'm working on a 2D Unity project where the player can only see objects in their field of view. I have successfully created a mesh that overlaps anything that would be in the player's field of view, ...
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Material changes to "material (instance)" on Start

Not sure why my materials started doing this, but when I press play, all materials on my models change to "materialName (Instance)". I use the same material for several objects, and for ...
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How do I properly use Unreal's Lens Distortion plugin?

I am trying to use UE's LensDistortion plugin (seems like it's bundled with the engine but only put to use in the Compositing sample project), and following the same workflow as the sample. ...
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Sprite disappears after adding a material to it

I have background which is FirsLayer, order in layer 0 and platform over it which is FirstLayer, order in layer 1. Once I add a material to the platform, the layer doesn't seem to change but it gets ...
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How to have random and different colors on multiple objects with one material?

I want to have one material applied to multiple objects that has a random color on each object. How can I achieve this so that I don't need to use a different material for every object? This is in ...
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