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How to get Windows identifiers in Unity?

I'm trying to get an unique computer (Windows) id in Unity. I can get it in .net Framework using this code, that I found somewhere: ...
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How Industy games handle their code errors and exceptions [closed]

I've seen games crash and throw errors. Usually games don't throw raw exception message, but codename error names, such as F204 or similar. I would like to know some thought about that. Also, as i ...
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High level project workflow

We are a small software company trying our hand at our second game. Since our first games' process was a living nightmare (since we used webdevelopment workflow) I have decided to educate myself on ...
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Technical manager vs. Lead programmer [closed]

Can anyone explain the responsibilities of the Technical managerand the Lead programmer, in team ? Suppose a medium-size team ...
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Object updates, internal vs external?

The title is a bit confusing, but I couln't think of how to explain my question in a short phrase. So here it is: Whenever I'm writing game engines, wheter it's physics/tilebased etc, I always get to ...
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Which software to keep track of my project? [closed]

I'm about to start the first real phase of my game development which will consist of the acquisition of information, resources and the definition of where I want to go and what I will need for that. I ...
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How do I access variables in the Game1 class from another class in XNA?

I'm trying to write a SpriteManager class in XNA, but I need access to the Game variables. For example, the ...
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Amateur / Independent (m)MORPG Team management

I would like to ask you all a question about how I should be going about creating and especially maintaining an Amateur/Independent team for quite a big project. I'm specially interested about common ...
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Proper asset management?

I am unable to wrap my mind around designing a good way to manage resources in my game. For instance, a vertex buffer in DirectX or OpenGL would lead me to believe I should have one central buffer in ...
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Followed the XNA GameStateManagement sln, but my doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

If someone has the time I wanted to know if you would be willing to check out my solution file here: I followed the XNA GameStateManagement on AppHub, ...
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How to separate production and test assets during development?

this is like a complement for Assets Management, database or versioning system?. I am wondering about how to separate development, specially programmers assets from production assets? For example, ...
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Do "Results-Oriented Work Environments" work?

A game development company seems like an ideal testbed for experimenting with new or uncommon models for work environments. I'm curious if there's anyone out there successfully doing something ...
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Managing a complex game storyline or quests system

What kind of methods are best used managing complex story lines in a game? A simple story is basically linear line with stops, so that would not be that difficult, but a more complex one is basically ...
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What are some ways of sorting through zero-experience programming candidates?

I work for a relatively small company. We don't get a lot of resumes from people with experience, yet we're in a position where we should hire people to grow. We pretty frequently get resumes from ...
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What are the most popular software development methodologies used by game studios? [closed]

What is the best (as in most used by professional game developers and/or companies) software development methodology used in game development? I've heard that SCRUM is popular, but i'm not sure.
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