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How do I convert a voxel model to a low-poly mesh with texture mapping that accurately mimics the coloured voxels?

I've created a model in MagicaVoxel (A) and I want to use it in Godot. I imported the model into Blender, but then realized that it's using a very high polygon count for such a simple model. I found ...
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2 answers

MagicaVoxel export world in 1 model

So I'm currently working in MagicaVoxel and I have 2 objects in my world. When I export it as .obj it exports as seperate 2 obj models with 2 seperate textures and materials. Is there any way that I ...
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How to increase MagicaVoxel size limit?

I need to increase the size of the field you make models in by at least 20. It really doesn't make sense why you cannot go beyond 126x126x126 because in the MagicaVoxel viewer, there are sample models ...
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UV unwrapping and texturing for a voxel terrain

As sugested by another kind user, I started using MagicaVoxel to create the scenery for my game (which is in the 2.5D style of Pokémon Gen 5 or Octopath Traveler). I managed to import the test object ...
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How are the layers used in MagicaVoxel?

I can't figure out how they are used, how to actually use them, or what they are meant for. I would have thought I could assign blocks or colour palettes to a layer...turn it off and temporarily hide/...
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How do I "voxelize" an OBJ mesh that was created in a voxel editor?

I've been trying to find the right workflow to solve my problem for over a month now. Any tip/insight would be greatly appreciated. Scenario: I create a voxel mesh in MagicaVoxel and then, instead of ...
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How to make the image in Unity the same as in MagicaVoxel?

I've seen a similar question before, but this question was asked 5 years ago and a lot of things in Unity have changed. Here is the result I would like to achieve But what happened in Unity How can I ...
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Magicavoxel export to Unity offcenter

I am trying to export an object from Magicavoxel to Unity. I have exported it as an obj file and dragged it into the scene, but it is completely off centered ...
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