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Generally getting assets off disk and into memory.

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What all should be happening during the "Loading" screen?

Do I just need to be creating instances of all of my graphics into memory that are loaded from file? What is the best way to handle this? Do I just need some sort of assets manager that creates ...
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Smooth loading screen between scenes

I created a loading screen to display a loading animation as the next scene is loading. I load the next scene asynchronously with: ...
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Directory paths for resources and assets

If I have a file stucture for my final, released game something like: Main folder Media Images Other assets Sounds Executable List item And a different one for my 'in development' project, with ...
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How do I make a progress bar with letters that get "filled in"?

I want to make a progress bar made of text! I have two images: One with the text in gray, the other coloured: As my game is loading, I want the letters to "fill up" with color: They would start ...
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How can I write a Save/Load system for my game?

I'm trying to figure out a way to write a save/load system for my game in C++. As of right now, I'm doing it all using binary flags. Anyone got a clue on how to do it another way? I don't mind using ...
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Why can't I read .ttf file when running Android configuration?

When running or debugging my game on Android device, I get this error in the logcat: com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Error reading file: data/fonts/myFont.ttf (Internal) Which is ...
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How do I load chunks of data from an assest manager during a loading screen?

I'm developing an Android game. Basically I want to pre-load all graphics/sounds when the app is first loaded. But I also would like to show a progress bar as this is happening. Here is a snippet ...
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Switching between levels, re-initialize existing structure or create new one?

This is something I've been wondering for quite a while. When building games that exist out of multiple levels (platformers, shmups etc) what is the prefered method to switch between the levels? Let'...
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Distinction between constant and changeable game objects in save/load game?

Do you distinguish constant and changeable game objects when you save/load game? If yes, how do you do it? If not to save constant objects (for example, mountains and trees), we optimize memory usage ...
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How can i load a level in my gameengine wich is larger than 2GB? C#

i were asking myself how could i load a large Level? My gameengine is written in C# and is rendering with Direct3D11. I just have my class called "Scenery" and the class is able to store all objects ...
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Open world loading/unloading with asset bundle in unity

I have a very large environment which I have to load/unload in unity Webgl as I can't load them at once. So, I have divide the environment into 1000 x 1000m (1km) (each chunk is consist of three layer ...
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