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Questions about game development on Linux operating system, for Linux or any other OS.

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Why is there a lack of games for Linux? [closed]

What is wrong with the Linux/*nix family for games? What makes the development of games for this platform too slow compared to Windows or even OS X?
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Linux Game Engines [closed]

What Linux Game Engines are out there? Name, link, and intended use.
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GLSL Shader Editors for Linux

Are there any good IDE's for linux that lets us edit GLSL shaders and visualize their effect? Note : Shader Designer By Typhoon Labs is a good option but I am looking for alternatives as this ...
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How do game developers target multiple platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Linux)?

How do game developers target multiple platforms at once? For example, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Linux. For 2D games, is it possible to also target the iPhone? I'm be interested in engines used (2D/3D, ...
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How does one write to another process's OpenGL/DirectX context?

I want to write a short of chat client that display the messages in-game (OpenGL/DirectX), but I really don't know how to handle this. It is easy to write my client in my graphic context... but what ...
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How to hide assets from user? ( e.g.: a png file )

I think the title is quite self-explaining, still this is a big area I think, so let me drop a few words: I've got a simple experiment game project going, and I want to make sure, that the user isn't ...
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Packaging a Java game for Linux

I'm just about finished developing a small Java/Lwjgl-based game. For Windows users, I intend to use Launch4J to package the game into a nice .exe. For Mac users, I'll be using JarBundler to produce a ...
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