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List<Vector3> of line segments (start, end position) from jointed CapsuleCollider chain

What I'm trying to do I'm trying to create a list of positions which I can use to define a centripetal catmull–rom spline; however I can't think of a solution for creating the list of positions which ...
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Regarding performance, when is it okay and and when is it not okay to use LINQ with Unity?

As the title mentions I am interested in LINQ performance in Unity. When is it okay and when is it not okay to use it? As I understand it is bad to use it in something like ...
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InvalidOperationException in build only, when trying to select object in a dynamically loaded scene using Linq

Here is the relevant code: ...
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Linq with Unity - Select One from Many

I'm using Linq to select the objects closest to the player that have the usable tag thusly: ...
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