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Deals with legal permission to use/represent a specific entity. It can reference the appearance of a brand or software related permissions.

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How can I legally allow modders to use my tools that are dependent on licensed assets?

I am making a moddable game with Unity. I actually have working system for serializing/deserializing items etc. For purpose of easy item creation in Unity, I made editor-only windows that help you ...
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I followed a youtube timelapse video to make same 3d model in blender, Can I use this in my game?

I saw a youtube timelapse video about making a car 3d model, I liked it and followed the same, I design almost same looking model (90% same), Can I use this in my game? There is no license mentioned ...
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Can I use my Unity Plus licence with Unity version 5.3.4p3?

I had Unity 5.3.4p3 from 2 years ago, and I want to use it for my current project. Since then, I've purchased a Unity Plus licence. Can I use that licence to develop and publish my Unity 5.3.4p3 ...
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