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Deals with legal permission to use/represent a specific entity. It can reference the appearance of a brand or software related permissions.

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Do I need to obtain a license to use real car brands in a game? [duplicate]

We are small team which working on car racing game but we don't know about licensing process for branded cars like Nissan, Lamborghini, Chevrolet and etc. Do we need to buy any licence for using ...
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Do you need a license for weapon models?

When creating your own model for a weapon, say the M4 carbine, and using the model in your game. Do you need a license to use it commercially? I know that racing games like GT5 has a license for each ...
26 votes
4 answers

Is it legal to develop a game using D&D rules?

For a while now I've been thinking about trying my hand at creating a game similar in spirit and execution to Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and offshoots. I'd rather not face the full bulk of work in ...
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Where can I find fonts which I can distribute with an open source game? [closed]

I want to be able to release my game as open source, and I need to be able to distribute font files with my game. Where can I find fonts which I can use in this way, and what font licenses should I be ...
35 votes
3 answers

What happens if I make more than $100k with the free Unity license?

If an indie game developer makes more than $100,000 using the free version of Unity, what happens to the money that goes over $100k? How will Unity people come to know how much money they are making? ...
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Are weapon names or pictures copyrighted/licensed?

Will I get a copyright strike or something if I use a picture of a weapon and the name of it? (e.g. a shop where you can buy guns, AK-47 with the pic)
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2 answers

How can I ensure my game complies with all asset/source licenses when preparing it for distribution?

I put together a 3D space scene demo, but I bought some models from turbosquid and using the jmonkey engine I must comply with BSD licence (jmonkeyengine) and also package the models, but I don't ...
4 votes
1 answer

Do I have to credit the author of a free asset from the asset store?

Am sure that some people have been asked this question, and my researches yields a no, but I want to know from here. Do I have to credit the owner of a free asset that I used for my project from the ...
44 votes
7 answers

Licensing (or similar) for my fan-game?

For the past 8 years, I've been working on a Pokémon fan-game. It's been awesome, well-received by players, and I'm very proud of the community we've built. But, as with all things "fan-game", there's ...
25 votes
10 answers

How does one escape the GPL?

DISCLAIMER I don't pretend to know anything about licensing. In fact, everything I say below may be completely false! Backstory: Recently, I've been looking for a decent game engine, and I think I've ...
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Do I need licensing to use real city names in my game?

I want to allow people to go to real places (Seattle Washington, Portland, Maine, etc.) in my game. Will I need licensing to make those places and use their names?
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Can I use Playstation controller button icons in my game?

I'm currently working on a game that will be released on PC with controller support, and I'm trying to find a way on how to best represent controller icons within the game. I'm assuming I can't ...
2 votes
2 answers

How not to break licence laws? [closed]

I have an idea for a game. Also I have almost everything worked out considering coding. What interests me the most is how can I know if that game can be published. As it would be for iOS and android,...
7 votes
3 answers

Can you use well known buildings in your game?

Is it legal to reference a real city in your game and use the same architecture of well known shops and buildings? For example, I'm sure you can't create an exact 3D model of McDonalds, put it in ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Alternatives to remove Unity splash screen after developing a game with the free version?

I developed a simple game using the free version of Unity. I want to understand how much it would cost me to remove the Unity Splash Screen to know if it's worth it. Right now Unity professional ...
3 votes
1 answer

Why can we use planes and military vehicles, but not other things?

Something sounds a little odd. It seems to me the status quo that if I wanted to put a real car or motorcycle into a video game, say a Toyota or a Ferrari, everyone would say that the default position ...
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1 answer

Am I allowed to push my Unity based game's source code to github?

I got the Personal version of Unity 5.5 to play around with it1. Let's say I own the rights on all the assets I use in my project, or they are licensed in a way that allows me to use, modify and ...
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Using real football (soccer) names from the past?

Is it legal to use really old names in a manager style game? It there an expiration on name license rights?
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Soccer Game only with National Team names (country names) what about player names? [duplicate]

Ok...this question hasn't been asked before, its very similar to some, but here's the difference: I am making a soccer/football simulator game, that only has national teams (with no official logos) ...
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Using real-life names in fantasy league

I am looking into creating a fantasy soccer league, where users can create their own virtual team of real-life soccer players. The performance the virtual team depends on how those soccer players ...
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What parts of a GPL game engine must be released?

I'm hoping I can clarify this issue. Note, a similar question has been asked here, but it doesn't really give a specific enough answer that I can comprehend at this point! :- How does one escape the ...
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How much does it cost to license vehicles for a racing game? [closed]

I've looked and looked, and even contacted some companies but I never got anywhere. Does anyone know? I just need to see if I can do it financially.