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The creation and layout of the individual rooms/stages/sections in which the game takes place in.

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Should I bake all textures to a texture atlas in a game level?

I'm writing my own game engine using Java/OpenGL. I'm creating levels in Blender 3D and exporting them in a custom file format. I'm not going to be auto-generating any terrain - everything is going ...
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How do I compute the angle between a pixel on an irregular curve and a circle colliding with it?

I'm building a custom physics engine to accompany a level-editor. This image shows how the level-editor outputs levels: Now, some explanation is in order. The curve is defined by the red points. ...
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Caves for Unreal Engine - convenient workflow

I'm doing a caves for my terrain. I have 2 solution, but none are good enough Caves are just a simple shapes - later I'm going to improve The problem is - to merge a landscape and a caves Solution I ...
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Shot em up! Vertical or Horizontal "side scrolling"?

Question it’s about "Shot em up" style game (For example: Tyrian) also known as Top-Down shooters. These games in the past mostly exist as top down concept, it means player object can move ...
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How do I make a shaped fluidSurfaceActor in UDK?

I'm trying to make a fountain for my level in UDK. I've made the base of a fountain by using a Cylinder build and now I'm trying to put water in it. I want to use ...
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Workflow for editing a 2D tiled level with some layers that are whole images?

Context I'm making a 2.5D game from scratch using C/C++. Issue/question: I specifically want a way to edit my levels that lets me enter an image for each layer of the level, like in ...
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Dolphin Error when playing custom NSMBW levels

I've been making custom NSMBW levels in Reggie! but whenever I try to play them, Dolphin gives three errors: Invalid read from 0x0000000d, PC = 0x8008e3fc Invalid read from 0x0000000d, PC = ...
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Aeterna Noctis level building/assets, How do they do it for the walkable layer?

I have been following a game called Aeterna Noctis: This game has been made in unity and I'm really curious about how did they create the walkable layer ...
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How to build level in Blender using assets from Unity?

There are already models for level creation that are used to create different levels. I want to use them to create a new level and I want to assemble the level in Blender. But if I just import the ...
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How to balance coin system for Idle Runner?

I have a classic mobile runner with left/right swipe controls, where each level player can collect different amounts of coins. (For example on level 1 coin amount is 100, on level 5 amount is 70 and ...
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Unity3D : Creating & Sharing light-baked levels without updating the game

I want to give myself freedom to add more levels after releasing the game. For creating levels I broke down structure and created a tilemap like a structure. here's an example : I will add them up ...
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Interactive map designer

I've made a simple game in pygame/pymunk. Currently my maps consists of lists with functions, e.g ground_segments = [ground(position, size, shape...), ...] I ...
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How to update and render an 2D endless runner that goes bothways

I want to make an 2D endless runner, that also allows player to go backwards. So I have to create random world as the map goes, also keep the old map in case player goes back. I ask about how to ...
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Workflow or 'Shading Mode' for Aligning gameObject in a Scene?

I'm aligning and placing gameObjects in a Unity scene. I have difficulty seeing the vertices and objects because the scene supposed to be dark (my workaround is to increase ambient lighting ...
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How to generate a dozen biomes

Currently I have Ocean, Desert, Grassland, Mountain, and Snow biomes. These are generated in subtractive layers of noise that prioritizes Low->Mid->High areas using multiple noises around 8km across. ...
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