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How do I add simple integer properties to an actor in TADS3?

I'm working on an IF game using TADS 3 and I'm looking for a way to keep track certain things on the player. The goal I'm trying to accomplish is tracking how many times a player has been damaged or ...
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In Inform 6, what is LibSerial and how does it factor into action-based dispatching?

By no small amount of pain, I have discovered that the following Inform 6 source doesn't work as expected: instead of calling the right branch of Bar.after based ...
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Minimal Inform6 code to support <action> syntax

Without using any of the standard Inform libraries, what is the minimal amount of code / infrastructure needed to support the <action> syntax? What I tried ...
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Same name and copyright / fanfiction question [duplicate]

OK, so this is still about a game... only a web-based browser game, in this case NationStates, a political/social role-playing game that's text/image-based, interactive fiction. It's a political/...
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Distinguishing between multiple objects with the same name in a text based adventure game/interactive fiction

I'm in the middle of writing my own parser in Python. I've managed to make some simple commands, with simple prints to make sure they work. Since I intend there to be combat, I needed to write a ...
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Embed IF text parser in another game?

Are there any existing interactive fiction text parsing engines that I can embed in another game or application? I'm looking to use something as a library. I can pass it the available objects and ...
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Web-based interactive fiction engine? [closed]

Are there any web-based interactive fiction engine that allow you to script a game and have it run from a website?
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How could I expose the engine API for text-adventure games?

While developing an engine for text-adventures I'm still unsure how to expose the API it provides to the developers/writers. My two concepts for now are: Running a small JS engine which executes JS ...
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Introducing generic commands in text-based interactive fiction game

Writing a compact text-adventure engine I was thinking about possible commands a player could use. For each location i have special commands described in the text but what about generic commands like ...
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How should I parse user input in a text adventure game?

Parsing user commands in a text adventure is a spectrum from Adventure's simple "go north" to some mind-bogglingly clever ones in hhgttg. I seem to remember reading nice how-tos in computer magazines ...
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