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Questions tagged [initialization]

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Entity initialization in an online game

How do online games handle creation of new entities? I currently have an EntityFactory class that requires an ID (specifying the entity type). A bunch of subroutines are executed to determine exactly ...
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What is the Unity way to ensure that calling "initializing" events in managers happen after subscribing to them?

Example of the situation from the title: I have manager A and B. I subscribe to B's event: <...
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Extra constructor call when using inheritance in Godot

I'm trying to design a character system for my game. Considering I'll need a player and non-player characters - and non-player characters will further come in many more forms, making use of ...
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Updating object's property on Start is visible for a second when game loads

I have a world selection scene in which I have GameObjects representing worlds. The GameObjects have default properties when the ...
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Dynamically added gameobject didn't show on canvas

I have a canvas with a Scroll View in it. When I manually add a prefab under the Content, it showed up nicely. But when I add ...
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Separating scene generation and scene starting in Unity?

I'm working on a game, where the map is generated, and: The map is generated in an Awake(), so when an object's Start() is called, the map should be fully initialized. But the scene's physics world ...
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Direct3D 12 can't create a swap chain

I'm learning DirectX12 and I'm trying to create a simple application that clears the screen with a solid color, but I'm stuck in Direct3D initialization. I can't create the swap chain and the ...
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LibGDX - How to do more things asynchronously

Most documentation only mentions how to load assets asynchronously, eg with code similar to ...
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Why does AudioSource not initializes itself?

Why does AudioSource not initializes itself? Here is my code: ...
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Code vs. Configuration in Unity [closed]

I know a thing or two about Unity at this point, but I've still lots of subjective, best practice questions, Such as: How do you decide what values are obtained via Start/Awake initialization, and ...
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2 answers

Is it a terrible practice to NOT initialize an object in its constructor?

I'm currently working on my own game engine, more precisely on the resources management part. For now, most of my assets inherits of the following - simplified - class: ...
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Error when initializing Stage

I made a new class that implements Screen, what I've seen from other people's code is that they create a constructor that takes a parameter of Game game. I did not created a constructor, I think that'...
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Automatically select back buffer format

In D3D9, you could set BackBufferFormat to D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in the presentation parameters and D3D would select the format for you....
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2 answers

Different ways to load/select characters in a RPG game [closed]

I am brand new here, and have been designing a two player card game where from tens of thousands of cards each player selects up to 80 cards DECK, and then fights with those cards. For reference Yu ...
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How to fill/initialize D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC properly?

If I want to set explicitly every parameter of the structure I just do so and that's it. But what if I want to set only some of them and leave the rest with default values? I've seen in some tutorial ...
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