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Impact is a commercial JavaScript Game Engine that allows you to develop HTML5 Games for desktop and mobile browsers.

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Game character in the browser game appears on Android, but not on iOS

I have a problem with rendering the game on mobile platforms (the game is written on the Impact.js), the problem is only with the iOS actually, the screenshot below shows that the characters are ...
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Fixed vs Fixed Collision on ImpactJS

I'm trying to implement a collision on ImpactJS entities that both will be stopped when collided and being pushed. This will be exactly similar to player to player collision on top down games such as ...
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Load game data via ajax [closed]

what are The Best practies To load game data that are Stored in a mysql database? I'm using ajax request. But The async Call is a problem because i can't sync The game level with The data load. And ...
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Is it possible to tilt the canvas and have entities react to it

I will try and explain this as simple as I can, let me know if you need more details and I'll edit the text. Imagine a simple gravity-enabled 2D-game with a ball inside a room where the objective is ...
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ImpactJS and Construct 2 [closed]

I'm interested in HTML5 game development and I found about this 2 game engines, I already know ImpactJS requires more programming experience and that Construct 2 has its own event and action system ...
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How can I get a property of an entity without having to call getEntityByType every time?

I'm trying to get an entity (a bullet, a grenade, and an explosive) from my player. Specifically, I want the shootingRate of my bullet (how frequently it can be ...
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