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2 answers

where can I get people to create project with me? [closed]

I've almost finished my studies. Actually I am looking for job to get experience but besides this I have a lot of free time. Could you tell me where can I (make relationship with ) find new people who ...
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4 answers

What to look for when searching an artist for doing graphics?

I was wondering which skills I should ask for when I need someone to make the graphical part for a 2D game intended for iOS or Android. Not really looking for someone right now, but working on a ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Rent-a-Coder style site for artists [closed]

My Google-fu is failing me: is there a site in the same vein as Rent a Coder, but for hiring artists? In particular, I'm looking for a site which fits the following criteria: Allows me to specify ...
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7 votes
6 answers

In general, are programmers or artists paid better? [closed]

I'm in a private game programming school where there also are 3D art classes; sadly, there seems to be a lot more students in those latter classes, something like 50% or 100% more. So I was wondering:...
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3 answers

Where to find designers for independent projects? [closed]

Let's say I'm a programmer, I know some artists, we've got a game engine and fun prototype done, and we're ready to enter the indie equivalent of "production". But the game is full of "programmer ...
5 votes
1 answer

What roles are important when staffing up a mobile studio?

For a new studio that will be focusing on social, mobile platform games. What are roles do we need to fill and how many of each role would be ideal?
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10 votes
7 answers

Where can I post job listings or browse through resumes? [closed]

[Hypothetically] I'm at a smaller company and looking for a place to get the word out about our available openings. Alternately, I'm looking for a place to browse through resumes of people looking ...