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How to combine dynamic asset reload and texture atlases? (rectangle packing with removal)

Usually texture atlases are built either: as a seperate content pre-processing step or once when the game starts What I want to do is create and update atlases on the fly when: A new texture file ...
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5 answers

Are any scripting languages designed to be reloaded at runtime?

I'm currently working on my first game engine. So far, I have a cross-platform rendering framework and support for numerous file types, but game development is still a hard slog when I'm having to ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Updating code at runtime, without recompiling

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has come across a c++ ide that you can actively play test the updates without having to recompile all the code.
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How do I dynamically reload content files?

Is there a relatively simple way to dynamically reload content files, such as effect files? I know I can do the following: Detect change of file Run content pipeline to rebuild that specific file ...
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Loading files during run time

I made a content pipeline extension (using this tutorial) in XNA 4.0 game. I altered some aspects, so it serves my need better, but the basic idea still applies. Now I want to go a step further and ...
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How can one implement hot-swappable C++ modules?

Fast iteration times are key to developing games, much more so than fancy graphics and engines with truckloads of features in my opinion. No wonder many small developers choose scripting languages. ...
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