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How much memory does a Game Boy game have for save data?

Is there a standard number of bytes a Game Boy game would have to store (battery backed up) save data? If not a standard, is there an common size, or a few examples of save data sizes? If Game Boy ...
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What’s the best way to create a homebrew game project for a vintage system, so it can also be distributed on other hardware?

For years, i’ve considered writing an NES, Game Boy or maybe even a SNES homebrew title. I’m not expecting to make a knockout success but whatever I make, I’d like it to be easily distributable. I’...
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How can I run homebrew program discs on unmodified Wii consoles?

I know that one can play backup games on any Wii console via burned discs, but is there a way to actually run homebrew programs on a Wii? I am asking this because I have run across GameCube Linux ...
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Most efficient language for rewriting a tile-based board game as a video game? [closed]

I've been working on a hex-based board game. Every time I make changes, especially changes that require redesigning the map, it takes a good chunk of time and money. It might be more efficient to ...
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Reading data disks in Xbox360 homebrew

I heard that X360 homebrews are not allowed to be started from DVDs; however, they can be downloaded from PC or via live and started. The question is: it is disabled to access DVD drive at all? I ...
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Homebrew development for 7th gen home consoles

I'm looking to do some homebrew development for either the Wii, Xbox360 or PS3. I'll be developing from a Linux system. The programming language doesn't matter. Wii - devkitPPC and libogc look fairly ...
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Is there any significant differences in programming via PALIB over Nintendo's official DS SDK?

My brother has taken an interest in making games on the DS (via PALIB). I'm worried that since its a homebrew game and homebrew development on the DS is not officially supported, his programming would ...
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How to start development for PSN? [closed]

I'm interested in making a game that can be distributed on PSN. Any suggestions?
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