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Questions tagged [hololens]

An augmented-reality device from Microsoft. The software is mainly developed with Unity.

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1 answer

How can I enforce single instancing for my HoloLens applications?

I am searching for a solution to avoid multiple instances of my application in HoloLens. How can I detect that there's one already running, and stop the new instance? I am new to Unity and application ...
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Fully exiting HoloLens Unity apps, including closing the window

On both the HoloLens 1 and 2, with Unity at least from 2019.x LTS through 2020.x LTS, with at least 2D windows/fullscreen and 3D immersive apps, with any XR plugin (or no XR at all), run-in-...
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Unet Syncing within AR Hololens

I am out of options. I have tried everything I could and no matter what I do, the Transforms don't sync up. I have had multiple solutions that worked in my test, non AR project, but once I put on the ...
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Black screen after running emulation mode in the Unity Editor for hololens

I am having issues with black screen when running the emulation mode or simulator for Microsoft hololens. In the preview the camera shows what the user should see. I see no obvious reason to behave ...
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Update and merge Unity coordinate systems multiplayer - Hololens

Project Summary Creating a multiplayer HoloLens app that allows players to spawn and move objects around the local space they share. Problem I am able to connect to the other HoloLens and see the ...
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0 answers

Integrating ogre3d with hololens

I would like to integrate ogre3d with directx and c++ using hololens. is it that possible to do so ? what are the steps to convert the rendering engine, what's rendered to the frame buffer to the ...
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1 answer

Kinect for Xbox One (+ adapter) and Windows 10

Can I use Kinect Xbox One (with adapter like Kinect for Windows V2 device), SDK 2.0, to build applications on Windows 10? I've read the requirements for Kinect and it lists only Win 8.0 and Win 8.1. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Draw fonts in Hololens using SharpDX

I am using SharpDX to create an application in Hololens and I'm trying to understand how to use DirectWrite to draw variable text in 3D stereoscopic view. I have ...
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