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Where is the friction coming from in this simple setup?

I'm creating a simple implementation of the classic cart and pole balancing control problem. I'd like to have a 2D interface with the cart and pendulum controlled by the Unity physics, so that I can ...
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Making a Chest for VR Game with Hinge - Now I need sound

I am trying to make a litte RPG Game for VR (openXR and Hurricane VR framework in Unity) The chest works now, but I would like to have an opening and closing sound. Because I dont use an animation for ...
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In Unity what is the best way of making a robot that has several legs connected with joints move?

Here's how the robot looks like in the scene: Here's its structure as an object: LegX2 is connected to LegX1 with a HingeJoint. LegX1 is connected to Platform with another hinge joint. These two ...
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Position Object always at the same distance of 2 other moving Objects?

I am making a procedural animation of a worm. I have already something working: (the green dot is the position Target, purple and red are the Head and the Tail of the Worm) I would like to add ...
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How to fix stuck between sprite shape

I'm making hill climb racing type game but I have an issue here when climbing the car is so slow also there will be stuck between sprite shape like that I've tried configuring ...
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How to implement joints in and impulse based engine

I have been writing a 2D physics engine (for fun and learning) for a while now. I have managed to implement collision detection along with collisions responses with angular impulse and frictional ...
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How to determine what direction an object should orbit around another

I am creating a game in Unity with 2D. When a button is clicked a static object is attaching a hinge joint to a dynamic object, so the dynamic object orbits it. When the dynamic object gets attached, ...
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How to make the player's weight deform a rope bridge?

I'm making a 2d game, and I want my character to deform my rope bridge with physics effects on the jointed structure when they walk over it. Right now, the player can stand on the bridge, but it ...
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Hinge joint is not firm, leaving connected anchor position

I have a hook with hinge joint which is working fine but as my object quickly move my hook leave its position for a while. And here is the hinge joint settings with rigidbody: Here is a short clip ...
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