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1 answer

Object scales strangely when setting y rotation after parenting

I created 3 boxes, then align the three to form some sort of a gate, I set the parent to an empty object so that I can easily move it. And I add box collider inside the gate. When I try to rotate it ...
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1 answer

Efficiently calculate 2d world position based on parent(s) recursively

I am writing a small 2d html5 game engine in javascript that relies on the concept of a hierarchy. The scene is the root node or entity, and its children make up the game objects. These children can ...
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2 answers

Is it more efficient to add scripts to each GameObject or to a single parent object?

Does a C# script added to a parent object work more efficiently and effectively (in terms of both memory and performance) on all objects, in my case lighting, or adding script components to each ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Object scaling when parenting by script

How do I make it so an object doesn't scale with another object that I parented it with by script? If anyone knows how to get around this I would really appreciate it. This is the part of the script ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Best practice for getting references to specific child objects in Unity

When structuring the script to control a game object with several generations of children underneath, I gather from one of Jason Weimann's videos that it's a bad idea to use the string based methods ...
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matrices and nesting hierarchy with game objects

Let's say we have some game objects and they are nested to form a tree: - A - B - C - D If each of those have a matrix for the scale, rotation and ...
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