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Confirming whether a user has drawn a character correctly

This is a follow-up post to this post: How can I check if a player-drawn line follows a path?. I'm having difficulty implementing the said feature and I believe it's because of a lack of math ...
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How to do concept art without knowing how to draw? [closed]

I want to do some art's of my upcoming game, but dont really know how to draw. Wich program can I use, or should I draw it on paper? Just give me tips on how to do it.
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How can I check if a player-drawn line follows a path?

I want to draw an invisible path that the user must follow. I've stored that path as points. When a player draws a line, how can I test if it follows the path I've stored? Here's an example for ...
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Okami Drawing Mechanic in Monogame [closed]

I was wondering what would be the best way to go about using the drawing mechanic of Okami in my own game. Basically I want to be able to track joystick movement in a closed region, and have it appear ...
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How do I implement variation in font letters, like handwriting?

I can use a sprite sheet to automatically use a custom font. What I'd like to do though is to have several versions of each letter, such that the letters can be varied and more natural looking (a la ...
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Drawing application on OpenGL for iOS (iPad) [closed]

Some help is needed. I'm developing drawing application on OpenGL (deployment target 4.0) for iOS (iPad). We have 3 drawing tools: pen, marker (with alfa) and eraser. I apply drawing with textures ...
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Drawing on XNA screen

I need to use Microsoft.Ink library on XNA. Previously I used ink library on winforms application and drawing on the form screen is very easy and it looks pretty good. However, when I do the same ...
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Identifying connected lines drawn free-hand by a user

I have a series of 'images' described by a mixture of connected lines and curves. Users will draw on the screen, free hand, and my goal is to break their drawing down into a series of lines and curves ...
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How do I create a 3D model based on 2D drawings?

I'm a programmer. I have a great draftsman, but I don't know how to take his drawings to 3D. My gut feeling is to have him draw different view angles, then work based on those, adding each dimension ...
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How to make a hand-drawn squared texture periodic with as little modification as possible?

The obvious part is drawing as periodic as possible, but hand-drawing is impossibly so perfect, so what kind of modifications are possible that do not make the textures loose their hand-drawn ...