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Valve Hammer Editor, commonly known as Hammer, is a map creation tool for games that use Valve's Source engine. It is freely available to owners of the Source SDK.

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gmod adjust player health on func_button

Because I spent so long figuring this out, here is a post for it. I want to make a relative adjustment to the player who presses a button's health. I have two brushs, tied to two separate "...
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In Hammer 3.4 where do I find the 'null' texure?

I'm using Valve's Hammer Editor v3.4 to make maps for Counter-Strike 1.6. I want to learn to use the 'null' texture to optimize my map by not drawing surfaces the player won't see, but when I search ...
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Skybox Problems

When I compile and run my TF2 map I can see other parts of my map though the 3D Skybox wall I put at the edge of my map. Can someone help me fix this? There is suppose to be just sky there instead it ...
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Props or blocks?

I was wondering what would be best if I was to create a really big map with many items or decorations. Currently I'm working on a library for a GMod/Garry's Mod Server and I wanted to add a lot of ...
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Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 won't load manually created map

I'm working with Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 and trying to create a Counter-Strike 1.6 map with it. For this purpose, I've followed a YouTube tutorial. I'm facing a problem where the editor won't run any ...
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In Hammer, how can I make a sound come from a physics object?

In hammer, I want to make a functioning radio, as in the sound comes from the radio itself and when you pick it up and move it around the sound's origin moves with the object.
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Adding a video to a Level in a Portal 2 Mod

I'm currently working on my Portal 2 mod and I'd like to add a video to be displayed on a projector like the Dollar$ and SENSE video at the end of Portal 1. Currently what I have is a simple ...
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Possible to open Hammer directly from shortcut?

I want to open Hammer(for CS:GO) directly from windows shortcut, without the SDK-launch menu. Is this possible? I've only been able to open the SDK launcher from a shortcut. And, is it possible to ...
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Why are my brushes see-through in Hammer/CS:GO?

I'm making a map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but I am having this issue with a part of the map. One of my brushes is weird and see-through in game. I have no clue what is causing it or how ...
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Steam hammer.exe Load custom textures for other players?

I sometimes make maps with custom textures, models, materials, sounds, etc. and I showed one of my map creations to my friend, and the custom textures were pink-and-black. It was intended to be a '...
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Can't Use Hammer Editor Grid or 3d Camera [closed]

I can't place anything (tried Shift + R) and it shows two white lines making a right angle when I open a map. I can't edit my maps currently. Can anyone help? An alternative to editing maps? Only ray-...
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Why are all my brushes black when I test the level I built with Hammer?

In Valve's map-making tool Hammer, I have created several brushes which I use as walls, ceilings, and floors. I've added textures to them, and I have a light entity on the ceiling. all the props and ...
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How can I make an object "solid"?

In Valve's software Hammer (Counter-Strike Global Offensive SDK Hammer software, for reference), I have created several props that I plan to have players jump on. However, players pass right through ...
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