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Concerns about Google Play Games security

I want to develop a Android game using LibGDX. Let's take a classic example ; some player can battle another one in turn based matches. The outcome of match defines the reward in some ingame currency. ...
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'Resetting' Google Play Games Services so app forgets it previously connected (so it shows confirmation screen again)

When I first integrated Google Play Games Services into my app, it came up with a 'confirmation screen', something like: App Name wants to connect to Google Play Game Services I don't recall the ...
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Unity Android Unable to convert classes into dex format AdMob

I'm a beginner Unity programmer (school-age), so I don't know that much about the system. On its own my app compiles fine, but when I implement the AdMob SDK (Google) 2.1, I have the following error ...
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Turn based Android game using google play games services

I want to develop a turn-based,multiplayer android game.Its very similar to chess.Is it possible to make entire game just by using google play games services(GPGS) ? ie, creating a game between 2 ...
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Google Play Billing

Do Google Play Game Service charge for request/time? Like, they have something like 1000000 reg/day is free and will charge the developer for anything more than that. What is Google Play's ...
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How can you check your users' unlocked achievements (Google Play Game Services)?

Is it possible to see how many of your users have unlocked certain achievements on the Google Play Developer console? This information would be very useful. I guess that one could achieve this through ...
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Should Starting a Quick Game via Google Game Services be Iterated?

I have been following this tutorial for Google Play Game Services. I am a little unclear as to if the room matching algorithm should be looped or not. Can I just initialize this process once and let ...
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