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Google Play Game Services Detecting Top 3 Players

I used Google Play Services Leaderboard in my Libgdx game. This is what I want to do; I would like to give awards to the best 3 players in this table. How can I help you? It automatically connects to ...
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Do i need to integrate leader-board and achievement in my game and then publish in alpha testing for google play?

I'm confused about whether I need to publish my .apk file on Google Play Console with or without achievements and leaderboard. If I publish the game without achievements and leaderboards, then, how ...
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Google Play Services: Google ladder - How can I customize the share button?

To increase the feeling of competition among users of a small game that I developed, I implemented a google ladder such that players could measure against other players. To do this, I used the google ...
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Unity google play services login dont work properly

I have searched everywhere on the internet and I have found nothing about the problem I am encountering. I am trying to implement google play services to my game (leaderboards especially) and I have ...
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PlayerCenteredScores in LeaderBoards

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What player rating system can I use when the rating can only get larger?

I am developing a turn-based multiplayer app (2 players per match) for Android. As backend I use Google Play Game Services. I have implemented a leaderboard. Now I consider how to design the ranking ...
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Google leaderboards, up to a maximum of 70?

I see in the doc that the limit for the number of leaderboards on Google Play Services is 70. However, I am able to create more than 70 leaderboards and they are all working when I test my app. Is ...
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Google Play Game Services Logcat warning

I'm getting the following warning in my LogCat output. I have implemented Google Play Games Leaderboards which, after some research, it appears this warning is related to.... I would point out that ...
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Leaderboard Testing on Google Play Services

I have a shared Google Play Developer account so that he allowed me to publish a game app. Next, I want to know if in order to test the online highscore is to upload the APK and publish it first ...