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Achieving smooth movement curves & correct collision detection with a google app realtime multiplayer game server

I'm an hobbist game developer. I'm trying to make a clone of a game like this: to experiment with multiplayer online. First of all I'm not sure if there is a better way to ...
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Google Analytics collect and visualize custom data [closed]

I was wondering if Google Analytics (GA) can be used to collect custom metadata about app usage and performance. An example would be to measure and collect the average frame rate (fps) of the app on ...
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Turn based Android game using google play games services

I want to develop a turn-based,multiplayer android game.Its very similar to chess.Is it possible to make entire game just by using google play games services(GPGS) ? ie, creating a game between 2 ...
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Drawing graphics in GAE

I have seen a lot of questions about making a game using Google app engine. I have run into a problem that I cant seem to find any answers to. What can I actually use to draw my game? Are there any ...
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Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for turn-based mobile multiplayer server?

I'm designing a multiplayer turn-based game for Android (over 3g). I'm thinking the clients will send data to a central server over a socket or http, and receive data via GCM push messaging. I'd like ...
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Analytics in an Offline Game

I'm attempting to program an offline puzzle game in C++. I'm trying to figure out the best way (particularly during the alpha) to report back to me Whether people finish the level Where people died ...
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Is Google App Engine suitable for a real-time but single player game?

I'm in the planning stage of a new project. Without going into details, this is a real-time 2D game with some basic construction aspects, combat, and a large procedurally generated world. Because of ...
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Efficient player state architecture in Google App Engine

I am investigating Google App Engine for use in a browser based MMO. The player will make a server request when ever they build, buy or do any other action that the server needs to process. Therefore ...
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Best Platform/Engine for turn based Client/Server Android game [closed]

I'm currently designing a turn based game for tablets. Initially for Android with porting to iOS later considered in design. I'm having trouble narrowing down the available technologies to even know ...
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Using Google App Engine to Perform World Updates vs an Authoritative Server

I am considering different game server architectures that use GAE. The types of games I am considering are turn-based where the world status would need to be updated about once per minute. I am ...
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Is Google App Engine a good platform for an online MMO?

I'm looking at some ideas of creating a smale scale MMORPG game, based in Java, this is a side/hobby project to help my learning process I've already had a play with GAE and have put up a simple web ...
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Can Google App Engine communicate with a stand alone program?

If I create a client program using say C#, or develop something for the Android or Iphone, can I use Google App Engine for the server and communicate with the client application mentioned above?
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How to client/server game using Google App Engine (Looking for tutorial.)

(NOTE: This is a duplicate of a question I asked on SO, having temporarily forgotten about GameDev <hang head in shame>. When one is answered, I will link it back to the other.) I'm trying to ...
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