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Go is a compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language developed by Google Inc.

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How to make backface culling work correctly in both orthographic and perspective projection?

I have a software renderer that I've been building. I just implemented backface culling with the Go code below. This works with Perspective Projection. But I plan to use orthographic projection. When ...
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Raylib: audio popping and cracking

I'm trying to play a "simple" generated looped sinusoidal wave with raylib and Go but, although it plays I also get audible cracks. Checking some online examples (like this: https://www....
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Swept AABB vs Line Segment in 2D

I've been trying to get a swept collision detection up and running now for almost a week and I can't for the life of me get it working. There is a answer on this linked here below: Swept AABB vs Line ...
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Which communication should I use between server and client

For a school project I am creating a multiplayer game for the smartphone. I want the "GUI" to be a flutter application to cover IOS and Android. As backend I use Golang. Now I wanted to ask, what ...
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How can I use slerp to stop my orbit camera "shortcutting" across to its target position?

I'm working on a camera that moves around the player at a fixed distance. It's the standard right-stick-to-move-cam-around kind. The camera follows the player but stays at a fixed angle to (0,0,1) ...
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Trying to render a geometry with OpenGL, but can't seem to

I have a Renderer component which can render a Scene. Assume the scene is just a container for ...
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Skewed: a rotating camera in a simple CPU-based voxel raycaster/raytracer

TL;DR — in my first simple software voxel raycaster, I cannot get camera rotations to work, seemingly correct matrices notwithstanding. The result is skewed: like a flat rendering, correctly rotated, ...
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Developing games in Go? [closed]

Google's new Go language is still in its infancy, and it has yet to find widespread real-world use or support. Even so, it seems like a promising experiment, and I wonder if it could have a future in ...