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The identification of the real-world geographic location of a player.

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How to motivate movement through the city in a D&D / Pokémon GO -like game?

My goal is to create a game that is sort of a combination between Dungeons & Dragons and Pokémon GO. The main goal of the game will be to have the players move through my city, in real life, and ...
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Convert GPS coordinates into Unity world space?

I am developing an AR application where a number of historical buildings are spawned around the player depending on his position when a target / QR Code is recognized. I know the Lat/Lon of these ...
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Find nearby users by real world location in Unity

I am looking to add a feature to my mobile game (IOS and Android) to let users connect to trade with users nearby in a certain radius based on the real world geolocation. Whats the best approach to ...
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Will Geolocations for IPs ever change?

I'm making a game where the geographic location of a user is used to give them a little flag icon next to their user name. To do this, I've been using the ipstack API. However, the API only allows up ...
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How can I load/import GIS file (ESRI Shapefile) to Unity3D at runtime?

I'm new to Unity3D and I need to implement an open source Markerless Augmented Reality GIS mobile app (Android, IOS) to show the underground utilities (like wastewater pipes, water pipes, electricity ...
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Is "Check your surroundings" warning on splash screen really needed for geolocation games?

I'm currently building an Android game as a solo dev. It follows the trend of geolocation-based games (like Niantic), but with more unique aspects. Anyway, I noticed that in Niantic games - Ingress, ...
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efficient way of matching coordinates [closed]

I have 2 lists of coordinates in C# one as of coordinates of Drivers and the other as of coordinates of cafes. I am looking for an efficient way of populating a static Dictionary with its key as of a ...
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Is there an efficient way to identify in which run-time generated room a character is, in a non-grid 3D environment? How?

Here is what I am trying to implement. I wrote a script that allows the player to place walls during run-time, in non grid-based 3D environment (walls can be diagonal with rotation increasing/...
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Optimal way to find point D that lays at the perpendicular line between point A and line BC

I am trying to write a script in C# to find the position of point D in 2D space in a specific scenario. I know the (X,Y) position of point A, which never happens to be on the line that contains the ...
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How to write a custom map canvas and project coordinates on it? [closed]

I am writing a game with Objective C ( xcode ) and I need to use the users location service to mark their position on a map but since I need to create my own map component, I am not able to use the ...
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Is there any way to verify the GPS location data received from client?

The answer to this question may be "NO" but it's quite important so I think I might as well ask. This should be a problem for all client-server location-aware games where player locations in the ...
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Is it possible to physically locate a game console?

In theory, is it possible to locate an Internet-connected console? After all, Google Maps can find my computer's location. Can a console connected to the Internet be found in the same or a different ...
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