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Gamification is the application of gaming elements to non-gaming contexts.

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Point System For Answering Categorized Questions

We are currently developing a gamified e-learning website. The website will have a point system where the users can gain points by doing either asking or posting questions. Questions are grouped by ...
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Is there any term for reverse gamification?

Gamification is a process of applying game mechanics to non-game contexts. Reverse gamification is a process of using non-game context or non-game mechanics in games. For example: Gamification - ...
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EdTech game development [closed]

I'm creating an RPG / Adventure game with an educational foundation aimed at 7th-12th grade. I'm having trouble balancing quests and storyline with the foundational nature of learning. Meaning, ...
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What is the line between a serious game and an application with points? [closed]

Gamification has become a buzz word lately and is being applied to everything from applications to meetings. In many cases it is being done as an afterthought and sort of game-washing. What are the ...
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