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GameSalad is a game creation tool designed for non-programmers. It uses a drag-and-drop style GUI for building the game behavior and gameplay elements. The games it produces run primarily in the Apple ecosystem, with Mac and iOS ports, though HTML5 games can also be produced.

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Minimum hardware requirements for developing for iOS and Android with Unity, Cocos2d-x and GameSalad on a Mac

I intend to create iOS and Android games. My main priority is to create 2D games. The software that I’m planing to use are Unity, Cocos2d-x and GameSalad. I am a bit interest in the Mac Mini, ...
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How do I constrain a specific area of an actor to mouse X and Y?

I recently watched this tutorial "Actor Constraints in GameSalad" detailing how to constrain the center of an actor to the mouse X and Y, but I would like to constrain the relative clicked pixel of ...
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How do I run an iPhone GameSalad App on an iOS Device?

I have made a simple game application with GameSalad . It runs fine in the iPhone simulator after loading the GameSalad Viewer but doesn't work in the device as it gives a code signing error. If I ...
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What are the pros and cons of GameSalad versus Cocos2D? [closed]

I am currently using the Cocos2D framework for creating my game but I just happened to come across GameSalad and was amazed by this video. GameSalad claims to allow you to create games without ...
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how can I move an actor in opposit direction of mouse's position in GameSalad?

I have a moving actor named ball and I want to move it in the opposite direction of my mouse's position. In my code in Move To behaviour for X-axis location I write -game.mouse.position.X and for ...
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How to move the ball in straight line in gamesalad?

I have an actor named ball and I want to move it in a straight line which is created by actor ball's X and Y coordinate and cursor's X and Y coordinate. I have Move To behavior in gamesalad but I don'...
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