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Questions tagged [gameplay3d-engine]

GamePlay is a 2d/3d game framework made in c++ and offers Lua bindings.

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2 answers

How can I to get an animation to be triggered by proximity of a mesh actor (an object)?

So I'm making my first build in Unreal 4 using Blueprint. The "game" calls for the player character to grab a particular object (a static mesh actor) and bring it close to a door that will ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Black screen when try to capture Vive gameplay using VRCapture

I'm using Unity, the first recording in VR Mode was fine. Then the rest were just black screen. No errors were detected and my gameplay was just playing fine. Also the red dot recording signal on Vive ...
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How do I map a 2D grid to my game object coordinates?

I'm using Gameplay3d as a game engine to develop a simple board game, PEG Solitaire. I've come to the part where I've created a 2D grid for all the movable object, empty locations and also where it's ...
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