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Game theory is the study of strategic decision making. It is an academic discipline that deals with the critical study of games. More specifically, it focuses on game design, players, and their role in society and culture.

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How to think about risk vs. cost of information

New poster so please help redirect me if this question isn't a good fit. An important feature of a game I'm building is information. This includes data such as the opponent's location and everything ...
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1v1 bartering brain game – see any problems?

While in line at Disneyland, my friends and I came up with a 1v1 bartering game. Here's how it works: Two players are negotiating the price of a good. One player is the buyer, one is the seller. ...
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Minimax in a losing scenario vs an imperfect player

I'm working on a solver for Triple Triad, a simple two-player zero-sum card game. Right now, I'm using Negamax (a variant of the well-known Minimax algorithm) with alpha beta pruning, and the game is ...
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Constructing a game stock market

Short Question: How do I calculate market values for different resources in the game? Long Question: I am building a game around the concept of resource gathering and manufacturing to gain ...
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Designing a profit maximization model - multi-level game

I am looking for some help in designing a multi-level game for a network simulator I am building. In this network, actors have a choice to set up a number of units and to fill their units with money. ...
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Python/java framework for developing artificial intelligence for board games like Diplomacy/Risk [closed]

I am trying to pick a python/java framework for developing artificial intelligence for board games like Diplomacy/Risk for research purpose. I am specifically looking for multiplayer, multiple-round ...
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Are dice-rolls for damage calculation bad design for a tactic focused game?

I'm trying to come up with a combat system for a turn-based RPG that is inspired by pen & paper RPGs, but with more importance on positioning and strategy. I feel like in games where a good ...
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Level playing field: Punish the better player or enhance the worse player?

I am making a 1 vs 1 game where each player controls a car with an identical joystick. The objective for the players is to reach a goal destination before the other player. The players of the game ...
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Can a block-chain with embedded shared content stop cheating?

I want to make a game where users create their content and embed it in a block-chain. For example, they have a small x,y grid. In the grid they place objects... After the grid is made they share it ...
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What Game mechanic can I implement to give players incentive to finish a race?

I am essentially making deathrace the game. How do I give players incentive to finish or participate in the race instead of strictly deathmatching on the race track. Edit More Detail: General Race ...
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What are patterns and how to use them? (Othello/Chess...)

I'm currently trying to make a Othello-playing program. My biggest concern at the moment is the evaluation function of game positions. Currently my evaluation function is quite primitive...move ...
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Decide which scoring system to use and number of points to assign for new game [closed]

I am developing a new game and would like to know if anyone could point me in the right direction for deciding the type of scoring system to use for my new game as well as the number of points to ...
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What does "formalism" mean in the context of video game theory?

I've come across the term "formalism" in a number of articles and discussions on the topic of video games. What does it mean? PS: if I'm posting in the wrong place, could someone please link me a ...
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Help with building a platformer engine on top of cocos2d [closed]

I am a C# programmer making a transition to game programming and hence C++. I want to make a reusable platformer engine (for now I want to start small) on top of cocos2d/box2d to make prototyping of ...
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What's the economical design difference for a global auction house or seperate auction traders?

I'm playing The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited and there we have local auction houses. (Thy don't have auctions, but I keep the term to not get confused in the following text.) I can see the ...
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Required number of images for octagonal tiles

I'm planing to write a game based on octagon tiles. Currently I'm wondering how many images I really need. That is something about graph theory, I know that, but not only. I want to connect each side ...
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Fuzzy State Logic or Finite State Machine for AI

My question is regarding the use of fuzzy state logic and finite state machine with AI. What I would like to know is what the key benefits are for both and also some examples of situations where you ...
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Game theory games with very counter-intuitive results? [closed]

I have heard of an interesting game that produces a very counter-intuitive result. It is an auction of a $100 bill, but one in which both the first person in the auction and the second need to pay for ...
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Is there any relation between Game Theory and Game Development?

I'm a Java programmer interested to learn games on Java, recently I looked on a book on Operations Research written by Wayne L.Winston. There is a topic on Game Theory. It's truly mathematical. I'm ...
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Do game-theoretic considerations stand in the way of this market-based game-mechanic achieving its goals?

Mechanic The mechanic is called "market manipulation" and is supposed to work like this: Players can enter the London Stock Exchange (LSE) LSE displays the stock prices of 8 to 10 companies and ...
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