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OBS Won't Record Game at 1080p, Shrinks Screen When Resolution Increased [closed]

OBS won't record my game at 1080p, only at 720p. Increasing the resolution in OBS settings shrinks the screen. I've adjusted the game resolution too, but it's not working. Any solutions??
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How to record inputs and play them back for a demo?

I was curious how I can implement a good system for recording inputs to make Quake/Doom style demos in Unity. I'm relatively new to game dev so figured I'd ask some people with actual experience.
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Unity: Record real time game play in high quality using offline rendering?

I'm looking to record Unity gameplay at really high quality (360 Stereo 8k 120 fps). I can't do this in real time due to the GPU resources required so I need to do offline rendering (frame perfect ...
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Is it possible to record video, depth map and 6D pose of any games?

I'm not a game developer, but a researcher working on improving video quality in various contexts. For my current problem, I need to collect videos which have both RGB data as well as depth data. ...
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Black screen when try to capture Vive gameplay using VRCapture

I'm using Unity, the first recording in VR Mode was fine. Then the rest were just black screen. No errors were detected and my gameplay was just playing fine. Also the red dot recording signal on Vive ...
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Video recording and editing for game promo video [closed]

I would like to screen record a beta of an RPG I've created. The format will be narration over video with the ability to edit. It's an indie game I'm marketing, so the video quality and narration need ...
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How to play an animation backwards in Unity?

I know this question has been asked before but it all involves using the Animation(?) component, so that is no longer any good in Unity 5.3.1f1, I explain a bit more later. I'm trying to simply get ...
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How are the packet boundaries in the Source engine DEM format determined?

I'm trying to write a program that reads Source DEM files, and about all I can at this point is the header which is a magic string, few ints and ...
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How do games like Halo 3 save in-game footage? [duplicate]

I was just wondering how games (such as Halo 3, like the title says) save in-game replay? Since it gives the ability to look around at almost every possible angle it can't be a simple recording. What ...
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Replay on game like "impossible game" [duplicate]

So I am making a simple game like "the impossible game" where the character just moves forward(from a 2D prespective) and the only thing you have to do is press the screen to jump at the correct time ...
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3 answers

How to record gameplay on WP7?

I need to record my wp7 game gameplay like on Hot Apps from channel 9 My current ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Deterministic replay in a modern game

I am doing a study in modern games graphics, and as part of the study it would be really helpful to be able to replay a sequence in the game multiple times. For example, recording a series of inputs ...
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19 votes
3 answers

How to create a Ghost Replay feature in a game?

When you set a personal best lap time in a console racing game, you have the option to compete against your ghost. How can this feature be created for a single player casual type game?
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How do you design a replay system for a frequently patched game [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you design a record/replay system for a frequently changing game? I understand that in order for a game to have a replay system it must: Have a deterministic engine ...
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How to design a replay system

So how would I design a replay system? You may know it from certain games like Warcraft 3 or Starcraft where you can watch the game again after it has been played already. You end up with a ...
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How do you design a record/replay system for a frequently changing game?

I'm working in a free MMORPG and I have a problem. I'm (with other people) developing a video recording system for the game. The idea is basically: we record all the packages sent & received with ...
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Accurately record and play back game sessions in an MMO - timing issues?

In order to detect and reproduce bugs in an MMO, recording game sessions on the server can help. How can such recording and replay of the data be implemented to be accurate, i.e. be 100% ...
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