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In contrast to traditional binary true/false states, fuzzy logic allows for degrees of truth. In computer science, it is often used to allow for an entity to exist in multiple mutually-exclusive states as well as allowing for analytic recognition of relative categories.

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Way to look up a chain of touching objects (power connections)

I'm having a bit of a logic problem. I have blocks that connect together for power and so when a block comes into contact with a block that is powered, it also becomes powered. It also keeps a list of ...
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Computing chance of winning when dealing with fuzzy numbers

Computing chance of winning in a one player and one enemy battle when using fixed numbers is quite easy; for example if we have these numbers: Player : Attack : 5 - Health : 30 - Attack Interval : ...
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Fuzzy State Logic or Finite State Machine for AI

My question is regarding the use of fuzzy state logic and finite state machine with AI. What I would like to know is what the key benefits are for both and also some examples of situations where you ...
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