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Fund raising is the process of gathering money to further the development of a project.

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Crowd funded DLC. Is this a viable option for covering the development costs of DLC?

I have had this idea floating around in my head for a while now but I am not sure if it will work. I was looking at the idea of DLC and thought what about if we made some DLC crowdfunded in order to ...
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Should I post a playable demo on Kickstarter? [closed]

I am asking this question way in advance of my progress, but I am still curious and would like if to know in case I ever make it this far. So I'll phrase this hypothetically in the future. The game I ...
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How do you manage a crowdfunding campaign for an indie game?

I am a programmer and I recently started creating small games in C++. It was to practice my skills and learn more about game development and the techniques used to program a game. Recently I got the ...
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How does one go about offering a mobile game, or offering all in-app purchases to backers?

I am planning on trying to get my android game kickstarted. Of course, it's too early in development, and I will wait on until 60% done to do the kickstarter. Some of the rewards I am hoping to give ...
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Kickstarter and 2D smartphone games

I am about to launch a Kickstarter project as, after 14 months of full time development on my first iOS game, I run out of money. I developed an iOS game that needs few more months to be ready (the ...
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Crowdfunding an indie game. What should I offer back?

I have seen many indie games making money for development using crowd funding (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, et cetera). Some of the games will offer something back. For example, in an RPG game, you might ...
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Government or NGO grants for game development

I live in the United States, and I was curious whether or not any governmental grants or NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) support game developers via grants or other funding options for games ...
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How to raise funds for game developement

Creating a game can be a costfull process, if you are working on it full time with around 4 people for 2 years (buidling from scratch) you need about €400.000 for salaries alone. (An average medior ...
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Multiple Kickstarter campaigns. Good? Bad? Ugly?

I've been toying with the idea of doing a Kickstarter for my game to help fund some good artists to replace the placeholder graphics I currently have. Just a small goal of $2k or so. Regardless of ...
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How to develop a concept to receive funding?

I have a game concept which I wish to develop but don't have the funding to begin it. What should I do?
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What technical questions do you need to be prepared to answer before presenting an idea to venture capitalists?

A friend and I are planning on pitching an idea to venture capitalists in a few weeks at SIEGE 2010. He is handling the business plan side of things and all those related questions so I only need ...
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